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Charity projects

Since 2015, we supported varies social impact projects in Hong Kong involving children, young people and their parents.

Stargaze for ALL

To promote social integration and enhancing resilience, Achievement Foundation support the "Stargaze for ALL" project since 2019.  This meaningful project let all people enjoy the beauty of the galaxy as well as the beauty of human kind.  

Poster Blind Watching Stars.jpg

LEGO® Donation

A box of LEGO® can bring a lot of joy, memory and imagination power for children. LEGO® Donation project is a project for dream and hope. 

We help the children in need to have this dream building tool and teach them how to think BIG and FAR.

Marine Conservation

Every summer, Achievement Foundation organizes family snorkeling programs and marine talks. We aims at two purposes:

1. Promoting Marine Conservative Education

2. Enhancing Parent-Child Communication


With our mission always in mind, we work tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals. Counseling Service is to help employees, parents, all those in need to resolve their difficulties in their hard time, and give return to the society when they become re-empowered.  

Sustainable Development Goals Projects

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015 to end poverty, reduce inequality and build more peaceful, prosperous societies by 2030.  Achievement Foundation joined the UNSECO for promoting the SDGs concepts to children and young people.  



Protecting the World’s Most Endangered Species

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